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                                                                                                                   T300 design
                                                                                                                   T300 design

T300 Studio Reference, Dual symmetrical differential Monobloc
High accuracy uncolored amplifier for studio application.

T300 uses 3 pairs 2SC5200/A1943 produced by Toshiba specifically
designed for very high power audio output. Unlike most conventional
design, T300 pre driver stage is driven at a higher current which offers
immediate response.
It features Triple Darlington topology.This concept increases dynamic headroom. Unmatched power and accuracy at any
volume level.
T300 brings out
the soul in any recordings
and put the musicians in front of you'  



Output  : 125 watts RMS 8ohms
              250 watts RMS 4 ohms
THD : 0.007 % (20 Hz : 20 kHz, 8 ohms)
Frequency Response  4 Hz - 100 kHz
Damping Factor (20-20K Hz, 8 ohms) : 500
Signal to Noise Ratio : 120 dB  'A' weighted   
Input Impedance/Sensitivity : 33K / 1V
T300 Dual symmetrical differential topology has twice the dynamic
compared to a single-ended design.Dynamic range is the difference between the loudest and softest sound we can hear in a recording.T300 will faithfully reveal the shading and texture of quietest whisper of a vocal or an instrument played in pianissimo.

DC offset stable at +/- 0.2ma

Total dead silent at idle, absolutely no hiss or hum at full ear contact with tweeter and woofer  at  gain of 40X(32dB) and an input Sensitivity
of  1V  for  rated output of 125 watts RMS  8ohms.
Gain is defined as the ratio of the power delivered to the output to the power available from the input.The greater the gain, the more the signal is amplified in the amplifier, however, it will also amplify its own noise (floor noise),Lowering gain gives impressive low Distortion figures, but that would result in a lifeless sound, some would otherwise
perceive it as a quiet amplifier.

Complete silence, No  thump or noise during turn on/off . Does not rely on speaker delay relay to mask turn on/off  noise due to poor design or balance,some amplifiers operate with very low input differential current
to avoid this problem.    

A capacitor or transistor at different positions on a circuit board has an impact on sound,  we recorded different length of reverb and sustain of a percussion instrument caused by different positioning of these components. Our selected audio components are critically positioned for unaltered amplification.


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Very high quality double sided PCB,  gold plated solder pads.  ISO certified
Output devices : genuine 3 pairs Toshiba 2SC5200/2SA1943
Low noise and low capacitance audio drivers/transistors throughout
Low  ESR  capacitors
High Quality  sealed  variable resistors
low noise audio resistors

T300 Studio Reference is a result of a decade long of testing and fine tuning based on the feedbacks recieved from our audiophile customers whom are still using this kits today as their main amplifiers purchased way back from 2005. 

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price :  1unit(mono) USD125

Important - Before you buy, there will be no refund after payment made.
This is a high end product, to protect our customers, we do not keep returned goods or resell them.

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